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HOW TO: Button Foot

The automatic button foot is very user friendly, even for beginers. The button foot will sew a hole for your button, using your button as a guide so you get a custom hole, that fits your project perfectly!

Follow these steps to go from pushing the panic button, to making something as cute as a button! What did you expect? It was begging for it! :)

1) Remove your regular sewing foot. I have a Kenmore, and I just pull the foot towards me, and it pops right off.

2) Install the button foot by snapping the pin into the slit of the foot holder.

3) Pull the botton holder back, and place your button in it. Push the back bar towards the front until the button is snug.

4) Pull the buttonhole lever down as far as it will go.

5) Place the fabric under the foot, keeping in mind that the button foot will work from back to front. You might want the try this with a scrap peice of fabric to get the hang of it.

6) To cut the hole place a needle at the end of the stitching (or bartrack) and use your stich ripper to cut from one end to the other. The pin will stop the stich ripper from cutting into the thread.

7) Open the hole, and place the button in the space, and sew on your button.


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