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The Reversible Market Bag

New Skill


This bag is a great beginner project that is functional, and also makes great gifts!

You'll need:

 * 1 yard of feature fabric
 * 1 yard of liner fabric
 * 1 1/2 hours
 * SIT Kit


 1. Out of each piece of fabric, cut the following:
 * 2 – 16”X11.5” (Side Panels)
 * 1 – 12.5”X4.5” (Bottom Panel)
 * 2 – 19”X2” (Straps)

2. Place the side panels of the like patterns “face to face” and sew up the short sides, leaving ½ inch on the bottom on each side.

3. Place your bottom panel face to face with your side panel with equal space on each side, and then pin your fabrics with enough room for your sewing machine’s foot to pass.

4. Pin the other side of the bottom panel to the side panel, and sew together.

This is what you should have so far


5. Now for the corners. This will be the most frustrating part, if you try to make it too perfect. I try to make these as close to square as possible.... but these are handmade, little mistakes are endearing, right?
Hold your bag upside down and pinch the seams of the side panel and hold it against the bottom panel of the bag. Once you feel the side seams are centred on the bottom panel of the bag, pin it.

Pinning here will allow you to flip it outside right to see if you like it. Once you have it where you like it, sew across to finish off the rectangle.

You're so close! Let's get strappy!

6. Place your strap pieces, opposite fabrics together, face to face. Sew up one side and then press the two pieces open.

7. Flip the straps over, and press about a 1/4 inch fold towards the seam, on both of the long sides.

8. Now fold the straps in half and press again for good measure.

9. Grab your two bags. Fold the top of the bag 1/2 inch, all the way around. (For the lining, start with the bag inside-out and fold the opposite way)

10. Stuff the lining inside the bag, and get your straps ready...


11. Again, this doesn't have to be perfect, but for mine I had the edges of my straps roughly 4 1/2" from their seams, respectively, and I had 1 1/2" in between the shell and the lining of the bag. Pin the straps into place.

12. Before you even look at the sewing machine, test out your straps to see if you like the way they hang off your hand. Let this take as long as it takes for you to love it! Once you start sewing, you'll go crazy if you have to stitch-rip the whole thing because the straps aren't even. Yes.... I'm speaking from experience.


My sewing machine has a removable part, to allow for bags to slip around (free arm). If your machine has this too, take advantage of it!

 13. Last step! Start at the seam, and sew around the whole bag, removing the needles before you sew it. Keep your eye on the needle plate and stay as straight as you can. I slow it right down to turtle, to make sure I sew a straight line.


Please let me know what you think!

~ M

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