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Circle Scarf

New Skill

Hand Stiching

This is offically the easiest item you will ever make. There is no measuring, no cutting.... just sewing, and everyone will be asking where you bought it! I spent $12 on the fabric, and I've been complemented on it over and over again!

You'll need:

 * 2 yards of fabric - I used a rayon blend, so that it's stretchy. I like my scarves long, but if you go stretchy, you     may want to use 1.5 yards for a closer to the neck fit.
 * 20 minutes
 * SIT Kit


1. Lay out your fabric, and fold right sides together, selvage to selvage.

2. Pin the selvage ends together to hold the fabric in place.

3. Sew the ends together, using a 1/2 inch seam allowance. Then iron the seams open.

If you chose a thin fabric, like silk, you may want to use a blunt needle. I found that with this fabric my stiches were really loose. I tightend the tension, and it did the trick.

4. Turn the fabric right side out, take one side of the scarf and overlap the fabric until the raw edges meet. Match the finished seam lines one the raw edges together, and pin them together.


5. Pin all the way around the open end of the circle, and sew with a 1/2 inch seam allowance, leaving a 3-4 inch space that you can fit your hand into the pull the scarf through inside right.

6. Hand sew the gap closed and enjoy!


Let me know what you think!
~ M

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  1. I think that's awesome! I want one!



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